Balancing Acts and Wobble Boards with Mich Hancock

Today, my guest is Mich Hancock, the vibrant CEO of 100th Monkey, inspiring co-founder of TEDxStLouis, and host of the fun, fabulous MichMash Podcast. Mich is also a sought-after speaker and workshop/ seminar leader who teaches organizations and associations to TED-ify their presentations. In this episode, we take a deep dive into her inspirations, the role curiosity plays in her life and work, and the value of finding great mentors to grow and scale a business. We also talk about the merits of regularly exercising our intuition, gut feelings, and spidey sense, and her insightful advice for stepping into the unknown.

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The Backstory

Whenever Mich Hancock walks into a room, you immediately sense a tangible change in the air. With her beautiful smile and incredible warmth and grace, she’s like a gentle, ocean breeze on a quiet beach. With her petite frame, colorful scarves, and fanciful sneakers, you just know something great is about to happen. And it does! Once she begins to speak, you quickly learn she’s also dynamite in a small package.

Mich and I first crossed paths in 2017 at Medici MediaSpace, a place she lovingly calls her home away from home. There, other Medici members and I regularly benefitted from her thoughtful feedback and suggestions during the weekly strategy sessions, which happily continue to this day. In 2018, Mich graciously invited me to be her guest on MichMash, where we chatted about celebrating life after 50 and my new digital publication, Boomalally Magazine. Then, in 2021, my world radically expanded when I joined Mich and the TEDxStLouis family as a speaking coach. What an amazing community and experience. I was hooked!

The Interview

What I love most about this delightful interview with Mich is that we talk about not one, but THREE dreams she is turning into reality. (I know!!! Crazy, but true!) You’re going to love her powerful, upbeat stories about the sparks behind 100th Monkey and TEDxStLouis, the crazy ups and downs of being an entrepreneur, and the potential that “holy crap moments” and epic fails can play in our personal and professional growth. You’ll also thoroughly enjoy hearing Mich talk about the ways curiosity and intuition inform how she navigates in life and business, and her excellent advice for new entrepreneurs and stepping into the known. No matter whether you’re an aspiring, emerging, or established entrepreneur who wants to follow your passion, Mich Hancock’s open, honest, and practical advice is solid gold!

Fun Facts about Mich

  • Founder and CEO, 100th Monkey, a wildly successful digital marketing company
  • Co-founder and license holder, TEDxStLouis – brings TED Talk experiences to Saint Louis (yes, that TED!)
  • Host, MichMash Podcast
  • Ambassador, Medici MediaSpace
  • Speaker, workshop, and seminar presenter that helps organizations and associations TED-ify their presentations
  • Passionate champion of kindness
  • Her real-life hero: Micki Hancock

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TEDxStLouis – Mich’s passion

Mich’s inspiring interview in Medium about 5 ways to make the internet a kinder place

Mich’s LinkedIn page

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Medici MediaSpace

Quotes by Mich Hancock

“Fire. Ready. Aim.”

“Be a positive force in the world every day.”

Somebody Knows with Scott Crosby and Patrick Dorsey

In this delightful episode, I interview Scott Crosby and Patrick Dorsey, the dynamic producing, directing, and writing duo behind the new Somebody Knows true-crime podcast. We talk about how they got started as a creative team, the importance of assembling the right team for a creative project, and their advice for aspiring writers, filmmakers, and other creatives. We also dig into the upsides and downsides of taking on a creative venture, the art of getting unstuck — and juggling a million moving parts — and the key to overcoming your fears.

You can play the interview here right here by clicking on the Play arrow above. Enjoy!

The Backstory
The first thing that struck me when Scott and Pat arrived at the studio that evening was their cool, easy vibe. I had met Scott and Pat on different occasions a couple of years ago at Medici MediaSpace, a collaborative co-working space in Saint Louis. While I knew Scott by sight, I had come to love and admire Pat as a talented editor, consultant, and friend when we collaborated on my most recent book, Morph, Pivot, Launch.

Scott is a towering, unassuming guy with an easy wit and gentle spirit. As an award-winning TV/film producer and voice over artist, he’s equally comfortable and confident in the studio, with a beautiful radio voice and genuine smile. Pat is the perfect yin to Scott’s yang. Slighter in build with silver hair and a neatly trimmed beard, he’s a talented writer and storyteller with a twinkle in his eye, a vivid imagination, and a staggering command of the English language. When they walked into the studio together, they lit up the room. I knew this was going to be an awesome interview.

The Interview

What I love about this engaging interview is the rich stories Scott and Pat share with wit and candor. As you’ll see when you listen, these two friends and creative partners admire and respect each other enormously. What fun it is to hear them tell the interesting backstories of how they came to work together and how the Somebody Knows podcast was conceived. (Spoiler alert – involves a baseball park, a bar, and an intriguing news clipping). We talk about the importance of assembling the RIGHT team for any creative project, keeping the engine revving when the process slows, and avoiding the perils of over-tinkering and tweaking your dream project. Whether you would like to write a book, start a podcast, or produce a film, this episode is chock full of wisdom and advice.

Fun Facts about Scott

  • Executive producer and co-creator of Somebody Knows: A True Crime Thriller (Podcast)
  • Award-winning TV/film producer and voice over artist (Voices from Scott)
  • Executive producer/producer, Bar Down Productions
  • Executive producer, Something Extra Leadership Podcast w/ Lisa Nichols
  • Personal finance mentor
  • Loves teaching and telling stories
  • “Girl Dad” (Love this sweet moniker!)

Equally Fun Facts about Pat

  • Writer, director, and co-creator of Somebody Knows: A True Crime Thriller (Podcast)Founder, Legendary Planet (publishing company)
  • Producer, Swordmaker Media
  • Best-Selling Author: Haunted Webster Groves, God’s Forge, and Write the Winning Proposal
  • Owner/principal technical + business consultant, Mightier Than the Sword Consulting
  • Book sherpa – i.e., Pat designs books and offers publishing assistance to aspiring authors
  • Jedi master and fencing instructor (I know!!!)

Cool Links

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Mightier than the Sword – Pat’s consulting website
Voices from Scott – Scott’s voice over webpage
Pat’s LinkedIn page
Scott’s LinkedIn page
Saint Louis Fencer’s Club


“Start doing something, and you’ll get better at it.” – Scott Crosby

“Finished is better than perfect.” – Patrick Dorsey

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