Our fun, fabulous, digital, lifestyle Bzine launched in July. It features inspiring, informative, and entertaining content that challenges readers to fully embrace the second half of life--a life that is courageous, authentic, meaningful, and rewarding.

Why a “bzine”?  So glad you asked!  Our goal is to roll out content typically featured in a magazine (e.g., articles, columns, reviews, etc.) weekly--on a blogger’s schedule. Yes, you heard us right. We’re actually blogging a magazine.

We aim to offer readers “the best of the best” in original and curated content that is insightful, engaging, and actionable.

Do you have a funny or inspiring story to share about pursuing your own passions and dreams at 50+? Consider submitting your story as a possible Bzine article. You will find the submission guidelines on Bzine's website, which is only a click away.  Check it out and let us know what you think.

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