Crayolas and Soul Talk with Bonnie Sales

In this inspiring, deeply personal interview, I speak with Bonnie Sales, an award-winning contemporary artist and illustrator.  We talk about her earliest recollections of being an artist, the first time she dared to call herself an artist, and her unexpected journey to becoming the creative she is today.  We also tackle the upsides and downsides of following her passion, the perils of comparing your artistic work to that of others, the importance of giving yourself permission to create, and the process of creating a headspace for artwork.

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The Backstory

Imagine a veritable explosion of color, creativity, whimsy, and passion — and you’ll immediately conjure a picture of the distinctive Bonnie Sales.  I first met Bonnie in 2018 at a Meet-up group hosted by Boomalally, a digital magazine I had launched that celebrates life after 50. When Bonnie entered the event space that day, she seemed quiet, reserved, and keenly observant.  As the meeting unfolded, she morphed into a lovely, beautiful being:  listening intently, offering perceptive observations, and encouraging others to contribute.  By the end, she had deeply touched everyone in the room with her thoughtful, insightful contributions.  I just knew I needed to learn more about this intriguing human.  Little did I know she would become one of my dearest clients, collaborators, and friends.

Describing the incomparable Bonnie Sales in a few short sentences is challenging, but let’s give it a go!  As an artist, Bonnie is wildly imaginative, whimsical, and expressive.  She brings her creative world to life through so many mediums: from watercolor and acrylic paint to freehand, pen and ink to jewelry making, stained glass, wood carving, and murals.

As a person, Bonnie is equally vibrant, captivating, and exuberant.  She’s also humble and generous of spirit.  You’re going to be touched by her heart-warming stories about how she is stepping into her power and how her faith sustains her.  (Spoiler alert: You’ll love when she talks about stomping those pesky ANTs.)

The Interview

I love so many parts of this deeply personal interview with Bonnie.  Like me, you’ll get to hear about her budding art career, which began at the precocious age of 8; her formal education in illustration, graphics, and design; and her remarkable studies with C.F. Paine.  You’ll also hear her heart-breaking story about putting her art career on hold as a mom, wife, caretaker, and young widow.  Then, you’ll learn what it was like for her to rekindle her passion for art and pursue an art career later in life.

During this uplifting interview, Bonnie shares the ups, downs, highs, and lows that she’s navigated; the roles that faith, mindset and intuition have played in her journey; and the remarkable success secrets she’s learned along the way.  If you’re looking for inspiration and motivation to follow your own passion and dreams, you’re going to love this episode!

Fun Facts

  • Multiple-award-winning contemporary artist
  • Current passion: surface pattern design
  • Studied w/ C.F. Paine and Thomas R. Greene III
  • Whimsical book illustrator: Morph, Pivot, Launch (2020)
  • Still pinching herself because she can’t believe she gets to follow her passion for a living
  • Takes her spirituality seriously and thanks God every day for the gift He has trusted her with
  • After a long day standing at her easel or learning a new way to create art, just may slip outside with a sweet glass of wine and star-gazing app
  • Takes Andrea Bocelli, Dave Koz, Sting, and Two Cellos along for the ride

Cool Links

Honey Bee Art Company – Bonnie’s current webpage

Bonnie’s Red Bubble Shop – where you can see + purchase Bonnie’s artwork

Bonnie’s Instagram Page

Bonnie’s LinkedIn Page – Bonnie’s email address

 Quotes by Bonnie Sales

“It’s my time!”

“We only get one shot at this life.”

“Give yourself permission to create.”

“Intuition is my soul talk.”

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