Exploding Kilns and High Drama with Kina Crow

In this delightfully candid interview, I talk with the wildly creative Kina Crow, an ὕber award-winning, mixed-media artist. Kina takes us on her fascinating journey from Hollywood wardrobe departments to the outdoor art festival scene with wit, wisdom, and spunk. We chat about the secrets of her artistic success, the upsides and downsides of being a working artist, and opportunities for young artists in the art festival world. Along the way, we discuss the merits of making stuff up and learning things the hard way, and she definitively dispels the myth of the flaky artist. [Adult Language]

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The Backstory 

When I first laid eyes on Kina Crow’s whimsical artwork, I was immediately smitten. My husband and I had been exploring the annual Saint Louis Art Fair, and we happened upon Kina’s magical work. What took my breath away were her tiny, playful, fanciful sculptures and her delightfully poignant, sassy captions which accompany her work. We knew that we wanted one of her pieces to grace our tiny collection, and a couple of years later, we made that dream a reality. To this day, Kina is one of my tippy-top, favorite artists.

Fast forward to April 2021. I had started dreaming of hosting this podcast. I sat down with a fresh, new art journal (thank you, Eileen!) and brainstormed a list of all the amazing people I wanted to interview. Needless to say: The list included the crazy-talented Kina Crow. It literally took me months to summon the courage to reach out and invite her to be a guest on the show. AND SHE SAID YES!!!! I could hardly believe one of my favorite artists had said, “Yes!” I was dancing on the clouds.         

The Interview 

In this fun, fast-paced interview, Kina and I talk about so many wonderful subjects, including her earliest recollections of being an artist, her first “masterpiece” as a child, and her unconventional journey through Hollywood to becoming the successful artist she is today. As the interview progresses, you’ll get to hear about her interesting creative process and what inspires her most in her life and work.

Two of my favorite parts of the interview are when Kina talks about “the highest highs and lowest lows” of being an artist (her answer is especially inspiring) — and when she definitively debunks the “flaky artist” stereotype. If you’re an aspiring or emerging artist, pay close attention to her biggest, best piece of advice for artists who are just starting out. You may be surprised at what you hear. She also talks about the opportunities for young artists in outdoor arts festivals as well as what and where she goes for inspiration. I dare say you’re going to be completely mesmerized by the incomparable Ms. Kina Crow. 

Fun Facts 

  • Outrageously talented, whimsical + humorous mixed media artist
  • Master of visual imagery + word poetry
  • Seriously-award-winning, self-taught artist
  • Dots her work with laugh-out-loud, colorful language
  • Lives and works in Pittsburgh, PA
  • Shares her work at some of the best juried, outdoor art festivals and fine craft shows in the U.S.
  • Sidebar: Spent 25 years working as a costumer in film and television wardrobe departments in Hollywood (I know!!)

Cool Links 
https://kinacrow.com/ – Kina’s fantastic website

Kina’s fun, fabulous YouTube studio tour

Kina’s Instagram page

Kina’s Facebook page w/ friends + fellow artists Beth Bojarski & Chris Dahlquist

Quotes by Kina Crow

 “You gotta want it bad. Persistence is omnipotent”

 “It’s so bizarre and wild and awesome and scary and ridiculous to know you’re a human being having this experience. I’m kinda trippin’.”

“Sometimes I have to learn things the hard way, but it’s all grist for the mill.”

“A lot of us just learn as we go, and we’re just making it up.”

“Think of everything like you’re five years old.” [One of Kina’s charming success secrets]


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