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Have you ever been on a mission that inspired and motivated you so much that you wanted to shout it from the roof tops? That's where I find myself at this crazy moment in time. I'm on a mission to transform the world - one story at a time - by sharing remarkable stories and success secrets of creatives, innovators, and difference makers who are lighting the way toward a brighter future. In the process, I feel compelled to share my own experiences and life lessons in hopes of inspiring and encouraging you to blaze your own trail and "be the change you want to see in the world." So grab a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate (my personal favorite!) and enjoy.

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From Rock ‘N’ Roll to YouTube with Bob Baker

By Deb Gaut

Bob Baker is that rarest of creatives. He’s an accomplished musician, singer/songwriter, author, improv performer, and YouTube content creator, and he’s been successful in each of these arenas. In this delightfully inspiring and engaging interview, Bob reflects on a lifetime of experiences. You’ll learn how he got started in his music and writing careers, and how he has leveraged multiple creative passions to generate unique business and career opportunities. You’ll also hear how a difficult period in his life led Bob (and life partner Pooki Lee) to becoming the successful YouTube content creators they are today—with more than 302K subscribers …

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Dear Gigi

A Lighthearted (Lively, Irreverent) Advice Column
GiGi Newheart is my smart, sassy, 60-something muse and alter ego. GiGi hails from Lake Pittypat, Missouri.

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