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In this inspiring, deeply personal interview, I talk with Dr. Marty K. Casey, the talented actor, activist, and founder of Show Me Arts Foundation and UnGUN Institute. We dive into the pivotal moments and greatest challenges in her life and career. We also talk about the ways she has conquered those challenges, her advice for overcoming adversity and setbacks associated with trauma, and the people who have profoundly influenced her thinking. Between these moments, we chat about her “highest highs” as a professional actor, what gets her up and excited every morning, and her fascinating advice for playing bigger in our lives and careers.

So, sit back. Relax. And click the <play> button above. You’re in for a treat!

The Backstory

It’s amazing how people come into our lives in the most unusual ways. One day, I was checking in on LinkedIn and saw a direct message from someone I didn’t know. A young lady had reached out and offered great suggestions for people I could interview on the podcast. Curious about who she was as well as her intriguing recommendations, I asked if she could introduce me to some of the amazing people she was proposing. And she said, “Yes!”

One of those remarkable people was Marty Casey, whose name and work are legendary around the globe. I asked my new friend for an introduction, and she immediately introduced us via DM. And Marty graciously agreed to join me for the podcast. I was blown away by their kindness and generosity of spirit.

Shout out to my amazing LinkedIn connector. You know who you are. Both you and Marty are so very appreciated.

The Interview

In this powerhouse interview, Marty and I talk about the story behind her Show Me Arts Foundation and her mission to shift the focus “from trauma to talent” for children through music, dance, poetry, and art. We also talk about the birth of UnGUN Institute, which goes one step further and addresses individual and collective trauma events that continue to impact black communities.

We also discuss her work as an “actrivist” (actress + activist), a delightful word she has coined, and the stage as the place where she learned the incredible healing power of the arts. Her moving stories about the children whose lives have been changed through engagement with the arts are truly inspiring. So, too, is her advice for overcoming adversity and setbacks, and her wise counsel for anyone who is going through trauma in the moment.

You’re going to love hearing about the powerful tool that Marty received from her grandmother; the three delightful things most people don’t know about her; and her advice for playing bigger in our lives and careers. Spoiler alert: She also talks about what she would like to accomplish in the next five years. Hold on, world—Dr. Marty K. Casey is on the move.

Fun Facts

  • First Female Ambassador in the Midwest to receive highest honors from the United Nations as an Ambassador for Orphan Children to Shine Ministries in Uganda, Africa
  • Lifetime Presidential award recipient for her community service
  • Recognized by Beyoncé for her philanthropic efforts serving as a mentor for 20 aspiring teens with Spreading the Love Singers
  • Singer, actor, writer, producer, and director who has toured the world with several national stage productions, including the award-winning hit stage play, MENOPAUSE THE MUSICAL
  • Wrote, directed, and produced her own one-woman show called It’s Not a Man’s World

Cool Links

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Quotes by Marty

“What happens with a ‘trauma bullet’:  If it is not safely removed, that bullet can be released, and it can be harmful to others around you. Or it can implode inside of you and be harmful to self.”

“I chose to become an actress. But an activist—it chose me.”

“No matter what your race, space, or place—it doesn’t matter. Trauma is one of those things that can affect all of us.”

“You need to connect with others. Being connected to others is really key because there’s always going to be somebody at the door you’re trying to walk through. Build that relationship. Also, don’t get caught up in who’s at the door. The person at the door may not look like you, might not can relate to you, may not understand anything you’ve been through. Stop judging. Just love.”

“You can’t afford to say no when you’re playing big. Already know that what you need, you will have access to if you believe in it. Just go for it.”

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