Living Limitlessly with Bridgette Simmonds

In this inspiring interview, I talk with Bridgette Simmonds, the exceptionally talented life and leadership coach and founder of Limitless by Bridgette. We dive into her personal journey from corporate America to coach, speaker, and facilitator extraordinaire; the remarkable people who have influenced her life and work; and the greatest risks she has taken along the way. In the process, she shares her beliefs about the secrets to life and living fully and sage advice for overcoming our fears and living our purpose, passion, and dreams.

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The Backstory

The first time I met the vivacious Bridgette Simmonds was in 2019, when she was facilitating a three-day coach training session in Dallas, offered by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.

What you need to know first and foremost about Bridgette is she’s a force of nature—incredibly bright, vibrant, and compelling as a speaker and deeply caring, insightful, and inquisitive as a coach. A few months after the aforementioned training session, I had the chance to be coached by Bridgette, and the experience was riveting and powerful. Imagine an intensely bright light shining into the depths of your soul, and you’ll understand what coaching is like with Bridgette Simmonds. Mind blowing. Then, in 2021, I joined her coaching community called The Coaching CoLab—another amazing gift.

By now, you know that courage has been the order of the day since the inception of this podcast, and inviting Bridgette Simmonds was no small feat. However, instead of agreeing to join me as a guest on Season One (my ask), she did something unexpected that motivated me even more. She said yes to an interview during Season Two. That meant following through on Season One and proving to both of us that I was committed. Game on!

The Interview

You’re in for a treat with this delightfully open, candid, and thought-provoking interview with Bridgette. We talk about a wide range of interesting subjects, including her journey from the corporate world to her work as a sought-after coach, speaker, and facilitator; her evolution as a savvy businesswoman and entrepreneur; and what’s next in her life and work.

One of my favorite parts of the interview is when we talk about her heroes and mentors, and she shares her thoughts about her own superpower and kryptonite. Her rich description of the lunch she would love to have with one of these heroes—and how she would approach the conversation—will surprise and delight you. Another favorite part is when she shares “what she knows for sure.”

Fun Facts

  • “I’m an aspiring minimalist, but I keep buying things.”
  • “Anything with chocolate or peanut butter, you can sign me up.”
  • “I trust my gut implicitly and it has never steered me wrong.”
  • “I’m obsessed with documentaries.”
  • “I’ve started more new, fresh journals than I have finished.”

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Quotes by Bridgette Simmonds

“One of the most beautiful ways to experience ourselves and other people is to meet the moment and see what transpires in that moment and then hold onto what does.”

“I know that I know nothing for sure—that the moment I feel something for sure, I cease learning.”

“Knowing and treasuring [life] as a gift, as the gift that it is, is the secret to life.”

“Living fully and tapping into who you are and what you deserve to be and do from that being—that is freedom and living freely.”

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