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As a young, hip, 30-something professional, Alyssa Hawn is anything but the stereotypical holistic health coach, whatever that might look like in your mind’s eye. She’s whip smart, light-hearted, and exceptionally witty. She’s also gracious, poised and, at times, downright bubbly. In this fascinating interview, we talk about the ways that Alyssa helps her clients achieve optimum health using tools that marry the worlds of science and spirituality. We also discuss her vision for coaching all parts of the human being, and what she’s passionate about that most health experts and coaches aren’t talking about right now. Along the way, she gives us the inside scoop on surprising things she has learned on her intriguing journey, from the craziest idea she’s ever had that paid off and her “$10,000 mistake” to her advice for following our passions and dreams.

If you’re looking for inspiration and a great way to brighten your day, you know the drill. Simply click the <play> button above, then sit back and enjoy the conversation.

The Backstory

True confession. Selfishly, the most exciting part of hosting a podcast is the opportunity to interview inspiring, captivating people whose stories you would love to chat about firsthand. Such is the case with the charming Alyssa Hawn.

I first learned about Alyssa and her amazing work as a holistic health coach from a mutual friend named Caren Libby—who happened to be my and Alyssa’s talented webmaster and professional photographer. Thanks to Caren, I was lucky enough to land an introduction to Alyssa. And that’s where our podcast story began.

The Interview

In this relaxed, upbeat interview, Alyssa and I talk about a wide range of subjects, including the interesting techniques she uses to bridges science and spirituality to serve her clients; the three gifts that have served her best; and the power and importance of embracing “times of pause.”
We also dive into ways she applies the principles that she teaches in her own personal life; how she fuels herself to play at the top of her game; how she balances the roles of coach, mom, entrepreneur, friend, and partner; and the delightful areas in which she has personally stretched and grown.

You’re going to love the parts when she talks about her own guilty pleasure (yes, dear readers, she has one), Cameron Diaz as her spirit animal, and the person she would most love to come back as in her next life. You’ll also enjoy her thoughtful advice for quieting the voice of our Inner Critic, so key to “playing big” and following our dreams.

Fun Facts

  • First job out of college: Production assistant on Hulk Hogan’s Micro Championship Wrestling Show in 2011
  • Became alcohol-free and a vegan in August 2022 to strengthen her channeling abilities
  • Childhood dream: Play in the WNBA
  • Lived in Vicenza, Italy, for a year and a half in her mid-20s
  • Won second place in a baking competition for her sourdough rye bread recipe

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Quotes by Alyssa

“A big part of health is the diet. It’s the science. It’s the exercise. But there’s also this intangible piece beyond science that is spiritual—that is so effective for people who are on a healing journey.”

“Imagine when you walk into a room and you just feel instantly attracted to somebody, and you have no idea why. That’s energy. Or conversely, you walk into the same room and you’re deeply repelled by someone, and you have no reason why. That’s energy. It’s important to be in an environment where you feel energetically happy and safe and secure.”

“We’re always healing, and the beginning is always the hard part. You just want to notice change today, but also it takes time. It takes patience. And you can get there. A lot of it is acceptance of where you are in the moment.”

“We’re go, go, go. We constantly stay busy and feel like we always have to be doing something. But really, if we take the time to rest and recover, we can go back to that old task with so much [more] energy and focus and drive because that is the right time to work—when your cup is full.”

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