Red Pencils and Bucket Lists with Fred Miller

This lively, informative interview features Fred Miller, a compelling speaker, writer, and international coach.  Fred is the author of five popular books in his No Sweat Public Speaking series.  In this episode, we talk about his journey from a single public speaking class to growing and developing his business; his dream of helping others to master public speaking; and the success secrets he’s learned along the way.  With wit and gentle humor, Fred highlights the importance of knowing your why, the power of the pivot, and the art of recovering from holy cow moments and epic fails.

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The Backstory

The first time I heard Fred Miller speak in person I was absolutely dazzled.  He was a guest speaker at a monthly meeting of the Saint Louis Publisher’s Association, which I had joined while working on a book in 2020.  In a word, he was astounding.  Not only was the content he presented pitch perfect for the audience — his presentation skills were out of this world.  He was dynamic, funny, and charming, and his use of PowerPoint was a thing of beauty.  After his presentation, I wanted to thank him in person, as did the long line of admirers who waited to speak with him that evening.  So, I walked away without talking with him that night, but with his powerful presentation playing in my head.

Flash forward to 2021, when I was proofreading for a local business magazine.  Fred wrote a regular column for the monthly publication, and I was assigned to his work as a proofreader.  Fred tells one of my favorite stories about how he came to hire me as an editor for one of his book revisions.  Needless to say our collaboration was delightful, and he quickly moved to the top of my guestlist for the podcast. Happily, he said, “Yes.”  Now it’s your turn to fall head over heels for the marvelous Fred Miller.

The Interview

You’ll especially enjoy the part of the interview where we talk about Fred’s superpower and kryptonite, and success secrets he has learned from following his dreams.  Along the way, you’ll hear engaging stories from a master storyteller and learn a few tips and techniques for overcoming your own fear of public speaking.

 Fun Facts

  • Dynamic keynote speaker, international coach, and writer
  • Founder, No Sweat Public Speaking
  • Outstanding facilitator: Public speaking | presentation workshops + breakout sessions
  • Author of five books in his popular No Sweat Public Speaking series
  • Apple (tech) wizard and Zoom aficionado
  • Master mindmapper
  • Blogger extraordinaire
  • Passion: Helping people overcome their fear of public speaking and master public speaking

 Cool Links

Fred’s excellent public speaking blog

Fred’s extensive YouTube channel

No Sweat Public Speaking – Fred’s website that’s filled with great content

Fred’s LinkedIn profile

Fred’s Facebook page – Fred’s cool mindmapping website

Quotes by Fred Miller

“Speaking opportunities are business, career, and leadership opportunities.”

“Education is focused on students, medicine is focused on patients, and the hospitality industry is focused on guests. If you want to be a great speaker, you’ve got to be focused on the audience.”

“Make public what you’re going to do. As soon as you say you’re going to [do something], be prepared. Everyone is going to say, “How’s that coming along?” When you make it public and enough people know, that motivates you to do it.”

“Content is king.”

“Get out of your comfort zone. Make it larger. Learn new things.’

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