The Coaching Project

A special opportunity to get unstuck – one issue, one step at a time.

How much is it worth for you to break out and feel empowered?

What if you could move forward
right now?

Does this sound like you? You're a
“go-getter”in your life and career – yet,

  • You’re putting off a decision.
  • You need to have a difficult conversation.
  • You have a project you want to start (or STOP!) but keep putting off.

"Working with Deb has literally changed my life. She gently nudged me out of my box (or comfort zone) where she was patiently waiting to guide and encourage me. Deb gave me the tools to help ignite my dreams and the roadmaps on how to obtain my goals. I can honestly say her wisdom, her warmth and her words will forever be an intricate part of my life." - Bonnie S.

For a limited time, Deb Gaut Coaching is piloting a new, month-long coaching package—with one, two, or four 60-minute virtual sessions—designed for anyone who is feeling stuck and looking to take the next step.

One session@ $80

Two sessions @ $140

Four sessions @ $270

(Value up to $600)

Frequently Asked Questions

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Limited coaching sessions are available, so sign up for your chat before June 30, 2023.



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