You Can Do It Scared with Christi Nix Bloomer

My guest today is executive leadership coach, Christi Nix Bloomer, founder of In the Arena Coaching. In this wide-ranging interview, we talk about her remarkable journey from small town America to consulting for a global company to becoming the powerhouse coach she is today. With wit and wisdom, Christi shares her interesting story, the paradox behind what she loves most and least about her work, and the hardest business lesson she’s learned so far. Additionally, she gives us an inside look at the thought leaders who have most influenced her thinking—as well as a glimpse of her day-to-day life and the deep inner work that makes her such an amazing coach.

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The Backstory

I first met Christi Nix Bloomer during coach training in Dallas, TX, in 2018. Our coaching cohort met face-to-face across three weekends and virtually for almost a year. What I remember most about Christi then is that she was (and IS) a go-getter in the best way possible. Incredibly bright. Unbelievably bold and fearless. Delightfully funny and sarcastic. (I’m not afraid to say that she scared me a little at first, which will make her laugh.)

One day when we were in class, I must have mentioned my extreme tech apprehension. During the next break, she approached me and asked if I would be interested in being coached around the subject. (Did I mention the fearless part?) Thankfully, I said yes, and we peeled off from the group for a powerful, impromptu coaching session. That single conversation turned into five amazing years of friendship and coaching, and we’re still going strong. And yes, my tech apprehension is much more under control. Thank you, Christi!

The Interview

In this thought-provoking interview, Christi and I talk about many intriguing topics, including her journey from global consultant to executive coach, the challenging inner work required to take that leap, and the amazing lessons she has learned in the process. We also chat about the paradox of freedom as it relates to her life and work and the leaders who have most inspired and influenced her thinking and coaching.

You will love learning how Christi personally gets unstuck, how she goes about creating her average perfect day, and how she talks about her guilty pleasures. You also will enjoy hearing about the one person with whom she would love to spend a day in Fort Worth (where she lives and works) and her thoughtful advice for following your own passions and dreams.

Fun Facts

  • Showed lambs when she was in school (Go FFA and 4H!)
  • Hired a coach long before she became one
  • Injured herself playing foosball (tabletop soccer) — #LeastAthleticPersonEver
  • Is double jointed
  • Is a recovering perfectionist and NOT working is the hardest thing she does every day

Cool Links

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Quotes by Christi

“The work is always getting to the underneath. It takes a fair amount of courage to get to what’s underneath what’s going on …. And when we keep on digging, that’s when [people] see that this is what they’ve been conditioned to do. And, again, it takes a minute to undo that, for sure.”

“I have to be the person who believes first.”

“What I’ve had to learn of late: I know all the answers [are] in my head. It takes a while to get [them] into my body and my heart. So that’s always my work to do versus going to the roof with vodka….”

“Do you really want to be on your death bed and wonder, what if? No one wants to do that…. If you’ve tamped down what you want to do for so long, it’s hard for you to know what you want to do. And it really involves getting still and asking those hard questions.”

“You can do it scared.”

Deb Gaut

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  1. Thanks for your kind, diligent and time consuming effort you take to put out such thoughtful posts. Truly a herculean task this must be with each podcast, not to mention the actual podcast work to prep, deliver and edit it! Amazing…

    1. Thank you for being such a wonderful guest, Christi. The wisdom you shared is what Tiny Sparks is all about!

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