Workbook + Guided Journal for Job Seekers in 2021

Changing jobs or careers can be stressful, even in the best of times. Add a traumatic life event (e.g., separation, divorce, death of a life partner) or a large-scale, far-reaching calamity (e.g., economic downturn, worldwide health crisis) and what was already a stressful process can become a terrifying proposition that feels impossible to navigate. And Heaven forbid if more than one of these stressors hit at the same time.

Now, imagine having a professional career coach with you every step of the way — someone to help you manage the process, find your footing, and remain firm on your path to success.

That’s what you have in Morph, Pivot, Launch™.

Offering a bundled workbook, guidebook, organizer, journal, and reference manual — all in one — Morph, Pivot, Launch™ helps you lessen your anxiety and stress and improve your overall state of mind so you can

  • Master your mindset
  • Energize your job search
  • Hold fast to your dreams

With clever and engaging art throughout, you can doodle, color, and draw to get your brain firing creatively.

Whether you’re 20-something, 70-something, or anywhere in between, if difficulties beyond your control are driving your job or career change, or if the process itself is creating excessive turbulence in your life, Morph, Pivot, Launch™ is here to help you set your course and reach your goal.

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For the first 10 people who order the book from Amazon and accept this offer, we'll send you a FREE set of eight Stabilo Point 88 artist markers (0.4mm) to color, doodle, and draw your way through the book. Simply email your Amazon receipt + mailing address to:

About the Authors

Deb Gaut

Deb Gaut is an executive, leadership, and success coach who helps people morph, pivot, and launch in their lives and careers. She helps people visualize the persons they need to become in order to achieve success; assess opportunities and move boldly in new directions; and maximize their chances for accomplishing their visions, goals, and objectives. To prepare for this moment, Deb earned her Master's and Ph.D. in Communication and has 40 years of professional experience working in academia, government, and industry. Additionally, Deb holds three professional coaching certifications from the prestigious Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching: Certified Professional Coach (CPC); Energy Leadership Index-Master Practitioner (ELI-MP); and COR.E Dynamics – Transitions Specialist. She has co-authored three successful university textbooks in the field of communication and has extensive national and international presentation experience. She calls Saint Louis, Missouri, her home. To connect with Deb, feel free to reach out via LinkedIn.

Bonnie Sales

Bonnie Sales is an award-winning contemporary artist from Cincinnati, Ohio. In addition to her whimsical pen and ink drawings featured in the book, she loves working in a wide variety of art forms--from watercolor, oil, and mural painting to wood carving, stained glass, jewelry making, and functional art.

Bonnie's vision is inspire others to see life as a colorful journey filled with vibrance, joy, and contentment. Her talents have taken her to Jalisco, Mexico, where she created nine large murals and developed a love for bright colors and organic design.

Perhaps, the following excerpt from her artist statement best captures Bonnie’s passion and purpose:  “In a world where we sometimes forget to see the beauty in the mundane, my  desire is to gift the viewer with a chance to be carried away in their own imagination: a place to dream, a unique world where all is well and cake is good for you!”  You can learn more about Bonnie and view more of her beautiful artwork at Honeybee Art Company.

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Engaging Experts: Your Guide to the People and Connections You Need to Go from Ordinary to Extraordinary

When you are considering making a change in your personal life or in your business, you quite often turn to an expert to help you make that happen. We have all been through quite a few changes since early 2020. More than likely, you have reached out to at least one expert to help you navigate your next best step in an ever-changing world. 

The experts who stepped into this collection of essays, including Deb, are highly respected, highly regarded, and highly trained in their fields of expertise. In this #1 international best seller, Deb chronicles her wildest, craziest leap into the unknown -- and three universal truths she has learned -- in her essay titled "Big, Bold, Audacious Change."   

Check out their stories and reach out to connect. Get to know them, and see how they can help you go from ordinary to extraordinary!

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