Celebrating Life After 50 Meetup  (500+ members)

Celebrating Life after 50 is all about embracing and celebrating life at 50-and-beyond.  Our aim is to build a lively, dynamic community of people who are leaving traditional work to pursue their passions and lifelong dreams.  Our goal is to talk (and laugh!) about what it takes to successfully pursue the life we want to lead at 50+ -- whether working, playing, creating, learning, or giving back to the world.

We host guest speakers and social events, and talk about what it takes to trade life in the corporate world for chasing our dreams—as artists, artisans, writers, makers, entrepreneurs, community activists, and non-profit volunteers.  We share stories about the upsides and downsides of “marching to the beat of our drum,” address unique problems or challenges we may be facing, and create a dynamic community of supportive colleagues and friends.

Come join us if you live in the greater Saint Louis area:  Here’s a link:



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