We hold a special place in our hearts for two worthy causes:  people who long to develop their artistic abilities during their Next Chapter and those who suffer the ravages of dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

To support both, we set aside 5% of all annual proceeds to help emerging artists, artisans, writers, and makers to follow their dreams.  We donate an additional 5% of all proceeds to the American Alzheimer’s Association.

Forms of artistic support:

  • Current:  3 annual Editor's Prizes for Best Writing, Best Photo Essay, and Best Visual Art Gallery accepted for publication in Boomalally Bzine ($200 for each prize)
  • Future:  Scholarships, fellowships, and grants to attend weekend or weeklong classes or retreats in desired areas of artistic expression

Interested in Helping Us Support a Working Artist, Artisan, Writer, or Maker via a Scholarship, Fellowship, or Grant?

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