Morph, Pivot, or Jump: Writing Your Next Career Chapter at 50+

Come join us for a dynamic, interactive, 3-hour workshop that’s designed to help you assess your readiness to transition to the Next Chapter in your career—whether you’re interested in changing roles in your present company, exploring job opportunities with new employers, considering a “side hustle,” or walking away from your job to pursue your passions and dreams. During the workshop, we’ll (1) evaluate the goodness of fit between you and your present career, job, or work in six major areas; (2) identify six important personal characteristics that can help you to determine whether a new company, job, or career is right for you; and (3) explore seven major ways to profit from your passions at 50-and-beyond. Seating is limited to 15 participants to ensure lively, engaging discussion.

The Many Faces of Community Engagement: Finding the Best Fit for You

You've felt a calling, knowing that you want to be involved in the community or non-profit world. You now have the time, talent and resources. Yet, you're asking "how can I leverage my passions to do good in the world? or "how do I find my way?"

By the end of this dynamic, interactive workshop, you will create an action plan that launches your engagement with volunteer opportunities that hold great value for you.

Workshop objectives:
• Learn about a wide variety of vounteer opportunities that will spark your imagination--from getting out the vote, training service dogs, and helping students transition to college to volunteering abroad to support wildlife and environmental conservation efforts.
• Develop your action plan based on what you want and your interests, skills, and life experiences.
• Understand how to check out nonprofits and determine the best fit for you.


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