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My guest on today’s episode is the wildly talented writer, Christine Webb, author of the forthcoming young adult (YA) book, The Art of Insanity. We dive into her fascinating story as an aspiring writer beginning in middle school; the roles that courage, tenacity, and the refusal to take ‘no’ for an answer have played in her writing career; and powerful advice she has received from teachers, writers, and agents along the way. Throughout the interview, Christine tells entertaining stories about her life and writing, and she offers a beautiful sneak preview of her delightful, new book.

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The Backstory

I first heard Christine Webb’s name more than a decade ago during a trip to Pensacola, Florida. My husband and I were visiting our oldest, dearest friends, and Christine happens to be one of their nieces. The heart-warming stories my girlfriend shared about Christine as a college student—then later as a young teacher, writer, and travel lover—were captivating. I looked forward to hearing these stories every time we got together.

Flash forward to 2022 and the making of this podcast. Our friends were visiting from Pensacola and sharing the latest news about their family, including Christine. Christine had recently achieved what only 1 in 6000 writers accomplish: She had secured a literary agent.* Additionally, she was slated to publish not one, but two of her books with one of the top 20 traditional YA publishers: Peachtree Press/Peachtree Teen.** All by her early thirties! I was thrilled for Christine and her family, and immediately knew I wanted to interview her. Unsure if she would consider the invitation, I grabbed my cell phone and emailed her anyway. After a follow-up Zoom call, she said, “Yes!” How many happy dances can a person handle in one lifetime? The answer is simple: infinite!

The Interview

In this charming, upbeat interview, Christine shares fascinating fun facts about her journey as a YA author and the deeply personal story behind her book, The Art of Insanity. Leveraging her own experience with bipolar disorder, she previews the tale of a young artist named Natalie Cordova who is struggling with the same disorder. However, unlike many books that deal with mental health struggles, even for teens, Natalie’s story is one of hope and resilience.

Three of my favorite parts of the interview are when she talks about the wildest, craziest risks she has taken as a writer; how she celebrates successes and responds to “rejections” (spoiler alert: more than 70 to date!); and how she’s paying it forward with the next generation of young writers.

You’ll enjoy hearing about her superpower and kryptonite, how she creates balance in her life, and what she does for fun and play. You’ll also find her advice for those who are pursuing a creative passion to be practical and priceless.

Fun Facts

  • Has served as a teacher for 12 years, almost all of them in middle school
  • Has written six full book manuscripts, two of them under contract now – she says the other ones were “practice books” – haha!
  • Is studying to become a certified book coach
  • Adores pugs and used to volunteer with Southern Nevada Pug Rescue when she lived in Nevada
  • Loves to travel and write about her adventures on her travel blog

Cool Links

Christine’s Delightful Author Website

Christine’s Interesting Travel Blog

Christine’s Fun Twitter Page

Quotes by Christine Webb

“Persistence in taking these risks sometimes pays off. Sometimes you end up looking dumb, but sometimes it works, so you might as well go for it.”

“I’m not a hundred-dollar bill. Not everyone is going to like me.”

“My best advice is to seek out people who are better than you, learn from them, then reach back down the ladder to help bring other people up, too.”


*Source: https://literary-agents.com/odds-of-getting-a-literary-agent/

** Source: https://writingtipsoasis.com/young-adult-book-publishing-companies/


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