Life as an Instagram Grid with Caren Libby

In this episode, I have the joy of interviewing the incomparable Caren Libby, a wildly talented photographer, visual storyteller, content creator, and digital marketing guru, and the founder of Image Media Creative Studio. We explore her journey from capturing images as a young mom to growing the creative company she loves. We also chat about what it’s like to view life as an Instagram grid and creativity as the best therapy. In the process, we delve into the power of visualizing what makes you successful, collaborating creatively with others, and leveraging mindset to achieve your vision and dreams.

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The Backstory

Oh, my! Where to begin when introducing a guest who has profoundly influenced your life and work — now, that’s a great question. The first words that come to mind when describing Caren Libby are warm, loving, creative, talented, and generous of spirit. Rounding out the top ten are smart, curious, insightful, engaging, and courageous. Caren and I met at Medici MediaSpace (Saint Louis) in late 2017.

Her son Brian Lunt had been one of Medici’s founders, and I was drawn immediately to her passion as a gifted webmaster, photographer, and digital marketing expert. Over time, she became my webmaster, branding and digital marketing consultant, trusted advisor, and dear friend.

Standing about 5’3” with inquisitive eyes and a radiant smile, Caren has a penchant for staying behind the camera. She is keenly observant and unafraid of taking creative risks, and her body of work is a tour de force. When she walked into the studio for our interview, I was surprisingly nervous and crazy with excitement. I could hardly believe I was interviewing one of my favorite people in the world.

The Interview

So many reasons exist for loving this thoughtful, engaging interview. We learn how Caren started her career as a photographer, then morphed from photographer to visual storyteller. She talks about the power of visual storytelling, the ways that Instagram has influenced her vision and work, and the value of clearly envisioning what success looks like for those of us who are committed to following our dreams. We also chat about the role of mindset to tap into our power, pivotal moments in her life and career, the power of collaboration (and helping hands along the way), and how she has overcome some of the most challenging times in her life. If you’re looking for inspiration and excellent insights into navigating your dreams, this interview is made just for you.

Fun Facts

  • Founder of Image Media, LLC, a company that provides branding, photography, and digital marketing services
  • Passionate about creative, visual storytelling and content creation
  • Host of fun, fabulous photo adventures
  • Creator of photographic art
  • Author, Pizzazz Works
  • Contributing Author, Bright Spots: Motivation and Inspiration to Light Your Path in a Changing World

Cool Links – Caren’s engaging website – Where you can enjoy Caren’s photography

Caren’s LinkedIn page

Image Media’s Facebook page

Caren’s Instagram page

Caren’s Flickr albums

Quotes by Caren Libby

“Creative activity is the best therapy in the world.”

“When times get tough, finding the strength and power within is the best medicine.”

“Live in the present so you can support the person you will be in the future.”

“Each day is an extraordinary experience that we can’t take for granted.”

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    1. Thank you, Caren, for being such a great friend and cheerleader! Loved our interview and working with you all these years. You’re the best!

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