Shake Before Reading with Cynthia Correll

Today’s interview features the delightfully creative mixed-media artist, Cynthia Correll. We highlight her artistic journey from book artist to communication architect to mixed-media artist; the magic of visuals, words, and structure that drives her creativity; and the role of curiosity in following her dreams. We also discuss the artistic process as an act of discovery, the Third Act as the best part of life, and the unexpected benefits of creating a 30-year plan. What fun!

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The Backstory

Cynthia and I first met in 2017 in Saint Louis. At the time, she was a successful marketing consultant and graphic designer, and I quickly learned that she was smart, savvy, and inventive. Before long, we had the chance to work together on building the brand for a digital magazine I had launched. To say that she intimidated me at the time would be an understatement. (Wait for it. The tide will turn.) Two years later, we had the chance to work together again – just as she was retiring and beginning to pursue her passion for art. For me, her metamorphosis was dazzling and noteworthy. Within the year, she seemed to transform from a no-nonsense, marketing wizard to a wildly creative, happy-go-lucky, mischievous spirit. Who knew following a dream could make such a difference? Cynthia Correll knew!

Cynthia is a tall, slender, striking woman with a gentle smile, warm heart, and lively imagination. When you meet and talk with her one-on-one, she has a knack for making you feel you’re the only person in the world. What I love most about Cynthia is her sense of joy and whimsy, and her fun, playful spirit. When she joined me in the studio for this interview, I knew we would be in for a treat!

The Interview

This fascinating interview with Cynthia is special for so many reasons. You’ll love her wonderfully descriptive stories about her journey as a creative entrepreneur and artist — as well as the history behind her whimsical, coffee table book called The Land of Ampersand. You’ll also enjoy hearing the process she went through to find her voice as an artist, and the roles that intuition, curiosity, joy, and whimsy play in her life and work.

You’ll be especially touched by her thoughts on the art of aging gracefully, and the Third Act as the most incredible part of our lives, much as it is with every play. If you’re a dreamer and doer like me, you don’t want to miss the part when Cynthia talks about what she loves most about following her dreams, and when she shares her surprising success secrets as a creative.

Fun Facts

  • Award-winning, mixed media artist
  • Creative entrepreneur and Communication Architect
  • Multiple-award-winning book author, The Land of Ampersand (2022)
  • Consummate April Fools’ Day prankster
  • Fan-favorite at one of her art exhibits: A mason jar filled with alphabet soup and labeled “The Complete Works of Wm. Shakespeare – Shake Before Reading”.
  • Lives and works at the corner of art, logic, and structure to inspire and entertain her viewers
  • Sees harmony and joy as the keys to unlocking social reform
  • Favorite hang-out: The Wolf Café in Ballwin, MO

Cool Links

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The Wolf Cafe – Shhhh, here’s the link to Cynthia’s favorite haunt

Quotes by Cynthia Correll 

“I just want to have fun. I just want to play. And the moment I got in touch with that attitude and philosophy, everything came together.”

When it’s right, when it clicks, it’s so easy. When it’s challenging and hard, let it go, and sure enough, the solution will reveal itself.”

“When we’re stuck, are we holding on too tight?”

“Follow your heart and intuition.”

“Don’t fly alone.”


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